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Discover AI Job Search with Careeria, where smart technology meets personalised job hunting.

Our platform, powered by ChatGPT, matches you with jobs fitting your skills and goals.

Access free AI Career advice and Start your journey towards your dream job with Careeria today.

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AI Job Search filter on Location
AI Job Search filter on Job Type


Your Dream Job

Define your ideal job, and our AI Job Search will map out the necessary skills and qualifications.

Pick a specific location and the AI will only select jobs to show you in that area. 

Specify your minimum salary so that you are not wasting time looking at undervalued roles

That's right, no login and no need to give us redundant data. We do not store any personal information, so there is nothing for you to worry about.

AI Job Search filter on Job Title
AI Career Advisor

Careeria is much more than an AI Job Search, talk to our specialist AI career advisor and get help on how to pick, prepare, apply and interview for that perfect opportunity.

By paying a monthly subscription you can have unlimited access to your career advisor who will monitor the job market for you, noticing trends and changes that you should be aware of and notifitying you as and when you require.


AI Career Advisor advising on important aspects of a job
AI Career Advisor giving advice on interview preparation
Tailored AI Job Search Results


Tailored Feedback

AI Job search made simple, no need to look through vast amounts of jobs to find the right fit, our AI Career advisor does this for you, giving you instant feedback on your strengths you should highlight and any areas you may need to do more research on.


AI Career Advisor giving detailed feedback on a job


CV Review

Upload your CV to our AI career advisor and you will receive  immediate feedback with a report emailed to you on what you can change to make your CV stand out and get ahead of the crowd.

AI Career Advisor recognising skills required for a job
AI Job Search - CV Review emailed to the user
Job Pack recommending CV alterations specific to a job


Job Packs

For any job you are interested in you can request that a job pack is emailed to you. The report details changes you could make to your CV to be more relevant to the position, plus interview questions that are tailored to the specific job using information from the job description.


With job specific tailored CV and preparation on interview questions with example answers you'll land your dream job in no time.

Job Pack Interview Preparation questions
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